Virginia G.

I arrived in Lukkap almost a year ago now. In September of 2014 the company for which 14 had been working for years was purchased by an American company that decided, as part of its business strategy, to move the Administration Department to Ireland, which was made effective by the 30 of June of 2016.

I am grateful to my company for offering me the possibility of carrying out an Outplacement program, I received it as a reward for the commitment, effort and work I had done throughout all those years and that is how I landed in Lukkap.

I arrived a little lost, with that feeling of vertigo of ¿and now what? Where do I begin? And endless questions ... and what I found was a big smile and a team of professionals telling me: Here we are, you are not alone, we are here to accompany you throughout the process.

Being in Lukkap has meant for me the opportunity to stop and think about where I was and where I wanted to be, to know how to recognize my strengths and also identify my areas of improvement and I was able to share everything I thought with total confidence.

How many things have I learned from my colleagues at seminars, from the entire Lukkap team and also from myself. For me it has been a tremendously positive experience that has allowed me to grow as a person and fulfill my goal: to find work.

THANKS to all the Lukkap team, to Carmen for her smile, to Inés and Juan Ramón for their warm welcome, to Itziar for their professionalism and passion and especially to Andrea for accompanying me, for respecting my times and especially for challenging me!

The hands of Virginia C signing a cork