SEUR CASE - Lukkap: International Transformation Consultant


Challenge of departure

As part of the company culture, SEUR wants to demonstrate the importance of its employees and that this is reflected throughout the process of relationship with the company.

Aware that there are two key moments in the relationship with their employees -the incorporation, where they have a careful process of reception and integration and the separation-, they have as company policy to offer their employees a program of outplacement to accompany them during the process of leaving the company.

The experiences that your employees live are closely related to their relationship, and one of the most conditioning this commitment is how employees perceive that the company behaves with other professionals, as these are reflected in the treatment they receive their colleagues.

a delivery man from seur delivering a package

We did

SEUR decided to incorporate the outplacement between their services and analyzed what acceptance they could have among their employees. At that time, the outplacement was a little known service and the employees did not value it especially. Despite this, the company decided to be consistent with its values ​​and began offering it in the process of disassociation.

It was very important to put this process in the hands of professionals who managed it with the utmost professionalism and the greatest possible responsibility; to offer each person a real solution and an accompaniment until they reach their professional objective during this vital moment.

From Lukkap, a program of outplacement, tailored to each employee, to ensure that their transition occurred in the best possible way.



Currently, outplacement programs are one of the most valued elements of the experience of SEUR employees. He 100% of people who have finished their programs have found a new project and the satisfaction index with these is from an 8,92 on 10.