Rubén J. - Lukkap: International Transformation Consultant

Rubén J.

When I returned home after my first session in Lukkap, my wife asked me about how the session had gone, I summarized that first interview in Lukkap with three words: welcome, accompaniment and method.

When a person is in a situation of unemployment, the welcome is very important, and in it Esther was impeccable: warmth, empathy and professionalism. From the first moment it was clear to me that for Lukkap I was first of all a person, and that Lukkap had a method to help me in which I was the absolute protagonist of my process.

Rosa was responsible for my support. Not one of his advice has failed me. Wisely, and with empathy and humanity, it helped me to trace the strategy to follow, to define objectives and method, and the result has been a resounding success.

I also value the group sessions very positively. The advice, techniques and different points of view contributed by the consultants bring wealth to the process and, needless to say, human contact and exchange of experiences with classmates is very comforting.

In conclusion, Lukkap has been a great experience and a resounding success.

Ruben J. posing with the smiling lukkap team