Roberto N.

After many years without having to worry (or not too much) about having to look for a new professional project, suddenly one day you see yourself with the uncertainty of being out of your comfort zone and facing a future to discover in an increasingly competitive and demanding labor market. In my case, it was always more important to define "what I wanted to do" than "do whatever it is, soon", but I was clear that I needed someone external to help me on that path of definition of objectives, strategy and improvement of my personal brand.

In Lukkap I have found a professional and personified methodology that pursues precisely that, giving value to the candidate, working on my weaknesses or aspects to improve, but also giving importance to my strengths ... maybe a little hidden or little valued in recent times. This internal search has been possible especially Personal and human treatment of my coach Jesús Figueroa, who has been able to ask me those uncomfortable questions to get the best out of me, on the one hand, and on the other, he has helped me to value my strengths through his knowledge and long professional experience.

I certainly recommend the work of Lukkap, especially for his care of the candidate, understanding carefully his methodology capable of getting the best out of it, but also working on the improvement of those areas that could be improved. Continue with your work as you do, it is true talent management and personal development and the candidate.

Roberto N. posing smiling with the team of lukkap