"Finding a new job opportunity" Paco G. - Lukkap Outplacement

Paco G.

My time at Lukkap could be summed up as a great personal transformation. 

When I started this journey, although I was lost and frustrated, I faced it happy, motivated and wanting a change. Resuming the job search, preparing the message (essential point), learning or better said, re-learning to manage the CV or knowing how to face an interview are aspects that help you a lot to channel what you are looking for and how you are looking for it . But the key to everything, in my case, was Ana. She stuck with me from the start and He accompanied me in this process of change, advising me and always taking into account my way of being. As another colleague said in my time at Lukkap, Ana was "the key to the change I needed."

When I was finally able to find a job that gave me the opportunity to start something different, for things in this life, the company decided, shortly after, to change my profile. Because of this, unlike my positive attitude at the beginning of the process, I felt that this was a blow from which it was difficult to recover. Yet once again Ana was there to help me and get me to my feet as quickly as possible. And so it was, thanks to everything learned with her and throughout the process of change, I was able to find a new job opportunityvery appropriate to my profile and that made me feel happy from day one. At last, she had fit in again and with more desire than ever. 

Paco G.