"Professional support to find a job" Miguel R. - Lukkap

Miguel R.

The first thing to highlight about Lukkap is that I have always found help from Lidia, my consultant. In addition, I value one very important thing: the delicacy with which the whole team has treated me, always trying to put yourself in my shoes. Something that I consider very important in the moments that a person lives who is without work and under such a complicated situation.

When I started out on the job search path, I did it under a total ignorance of what it was to look for work since, thank God, I was never in that situation. Definitely, The help of my consultant has been key so that this path that we have traveled together until the long awaited end, has been much more pleasant.

And it is that my beginnings were quite difficult since, for not having, I did not even have a curriculum; never had the need to have it. Luckily, there was my “compass”, Lidia, who from the beginning always trusted me, showing her professionalism, attitude and help at all times.

Thanks to this professional accompaniment to find a job, I was able to have all the tools to improve and be more prepared in any situation - submit my CV, prepare my message or face a selection process - and have unconditional support before and after each interview. In short, demonstrating, once again, the professionalism and empathy that is so necessary and that is often lacking.

I only have words of thanks for Lukkap and Lidia for being a great professional and a great person.