"Achieve new professional goals" Mariana O. - Lukkap Outplacement

Mariana O.

When you close a professional stage and find yourself in a moment of transition towards the search for new goals, many doubts arise. Do you think that being out of the job market for a while can be a opportunity to turn your career around and dedicate yourself to different things; or maybe it's a good time to train in those skills that you never had time to perfect.

You also ask yourself why not start this project that had always excited you, now that there is so much talk about entrepreneurship. Or that it is time to dedicate more time to your personal life, and focus your search on projects that favor conciliation.

And in this fuzzy context, where you don't know very well which way to go, It is very clarifying to have the guidance of a outplacement service, like Lukkap's. From the moment they receive you on the first day until they toast with you to celebrate your return to the labor market, you feel that you are in the hands of a great team of experts. Great professionals who know how to identify your strengths and also your areas for improvement. And that they provide you the tools and security you need to achieve those new professional goals that you now know you can achieve.

For all this, thank you very much.

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