Manuel C. - Lukkap: International Transformation Consultant

Manuel C.

First of all, I would like to personally thank Andrea, my great tutor. I know it will have been tough dealing with me as I was quite skeptical and I showed it in the first few sessions, but when you realize where you are and that you have nothing, you realize how hard you have to work and how important a guide is at this time, and you were ... Thank you very much AMIGA.

The second, to express "my feeling"; I had been in the same company for 15 years and, overnight, it was over…. And now that? What I do? Where do I begin? What are the steps? These and others were the questions that ran through my head. And it is that in 15 years without worries I realized the great challenge that lay ahead.

suddenly Lukkap appears in my life, which has given me answers to these and many other questions. In my case, not only finding a job, but a radical change of profession, which with the necessary tools has even been easy. I would like to thank Lukkap for all the means made available to me and especially to his staff, so it is a pleasure to learn and find a new job.


Manuel C.