Macarena S. - Lukkap: International Transformation Consultant

Macarena S.

Hi all!

I just want to share with you the joy of, with the help and emotional support of the people of Lukkap, having spent two months in a new professional project that has excited me. Although at first it may not seem like it, everything comes to the end! But for this you have to believe it (and work on it too).


My personal inspirations have been my great coach Vicente, because for someone who has been working for a long time, this type of involuntary stoppage is very bad, we lose our joy, our spirits, our desire and our confidence, and your support in the process has been very, very important (thank you very much partner! for supporting me in these difficult months, for answering me at all times and for always being there when I have needed you) Lara, this smiling girl who lights up everyone in the hallways !! (I already told you that I "as young" want to be like you !!). It has been a great pleasure to see you in action at the seminars and thank you very much also for always saying hello and speaking in the corridors of Lukkap, always instilling encouragement and positivity !!! Although you have not been my coach, you have also been a great inspiration.

In short, thanks to the entire Lukkap team -the consultants, the administration team… or anyone I have come across-, I only have good memories of you. You are all wonderful, super friendly,

Macarena S leaving a cork in a full jar