Juanjo L. - Lukkap: International Transformation Consultant

Juanjo L.

I hoped to find in Lukkap a consulting firm capable of managing the transition of people from one job to another, generally forced by an ERE, a merger or an unfair dismissal and, usually, with a strong personal demotivation.

But I have found much more: a company that has advised me, has offered me professional support and something vital in difficult times: closeness and human support. I have not felt like another "client", I have felt like a candidate who has been offered a personalized and very effective work methodology in my case and of which I will be an effective transmitter in the future.

I have gone from feeling worried to being confident in my possibilities and experience, and this has helped me to work in Consulting. I want to thank all that great team that you form and, in a very special way, my coach Rosa de la Calzada for all the support and knowledge that you have transmitted to me.


Juanjo L.