Jaime M. - Lukkap: International Transformation Consultant

Jaime M.

In my experience with Lukkap I highlight two aspects, one the technician: the information, the way in which it is transmitted to the group, the clarity, the structure that leads you to see the logic of the evolution of the themes and, above all, the before and after the time to translate into a CV or cover letter what we have in the head in a disorderly manner. The imprint of professionalism that emerges helps, and much.

But, above all, I want Emphasize the human aspect. In a complicated moment, when it is not a voluntary departure, in which you doubt for moments of your own worth, I found in Lukkap - personalized in this case in Lara - the lever of support to see the situation as an opportunity instead of a drama, to see myself as a quoted, valid and valuable professional, instead of someone asking for a favor. When the "easy" thing had been unattended, once I found an opportunity; Showing interest in the person and their evolution, such as Master Card, "has no price".

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