Immaculate B.

I take stock of these months and comes to my memory the book by Albert Espinosa, The Yellow World (if you believe in Dreams, they will be created). For those who do not know, the author goes through a stage

vital very difficult, but in this way of introspection and overcoming it is meeting with key people or "yellows". It's those people who are neither lovers nor friends, that People who cross your life and that with a single conversation, a gesture or a smile, can change your vision, make you feel fuller, give meaning to your motivations and your contribution in your everyday environment.

That same experience I have had since I was able to meet you, starting with the essentialsCarmen, Meredith y Lara, for each partner (go equipazo what we are !!!!) and each speaker of the seminars (I can not stop mentioning Fernando Notaro, "Yellow" recurrent for a few years) and Paloma Barreda, my guide and referring to each step.

I have had the immense fortune of meeting you, of being able to show myself as I am, of being able to share

With you the search and the meeting of a new professional opportunity, in addition to celebrating it. What more could you want?

In my case, I want to offer my gratitude, support and collaboration to all my colleagues and of course the Lukkap team, in this constructive and enriching work.

I just hope that many of my compis you can realize that positive energy and the relevance that this stage can have from today!!! My testimony is that you can get even happier and show off the talent you have inside!

I wish you many successes and many team toasts. I will always have you present !!!

Inma B. posing smiling with the team of lukkap