Evelyn G. - Lukkap: International Transformation Consultant

Evelyn G.

At the time that I announced my withdrawal from the company by the ERE that was being applied for a few months, I came a bit down because I knew that for seniors the Spanish market is quite complicated and needed to work a few more years at least as outside. As soon as I joined the Lukkap group that touched me it is as if I had felt that I was still in the job market because the first thing they taught us is that looking for a job is a job, as well as colleagues who had experienced the same experience and Lukkap was going to teach me how to improve my potential. It was indeed like that. They taught us to know our strengths and what we should improve to "sell" ourselves better, to know what channels to use, the importance of networking and how to prepare a good CV and presentation message (something essential to retain the attention of an interviewer or to include in the profile of any professional network) and all this with the support of a very experienced consultant and that turned out to be of great help. In my case, going through Lukkap meant knowing me better in terms of what type of position my profile was associated with, feeling more confident when facing the market and the happy interviews. Going through Lukkap also meant having a group of people who have supported each other in the hard task of looking for a job. THANK YOU THANKS Lukkap and THANKS Vicente

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