Emilio H.

Dear Lukkap team, dear Lara. I owe you a few lines for a long time, precisely one of the things that I have benefited most during my career with you.

The time we had to meet; the time of your workshops, where I learned from your experience; the time I spent working your methodology, to then apply it; the time of the breaks, where, taking advantage of your kindness (and the coffee machine), we started doing networking with the companions, with you, with whoever was out there ...

I remember the workshops, when we adapted the style to the interlocutor - in my case, I went through all the examples we used - when we were preparing the message ... they have been bored to hear me everywhere!

And, especially, I remember Lara, my guardian. At all times, she I was confident that with time, method, work and patience, we would reach the goal. In addition to his "hidden" work, fundamental.

Now arrived at the goal, a new adventure begins. The timeshare will always remain in my memory.

Emilio H. Cup and wine on unfocused background