Daniel M.

Sometimes it is necessary that something breaks so that something new can arise .... In my case I went from working in my house to, suddenly, losing it. Things in life are true, but they leave you with a feeling of emptiness and very hard confusion. In my case it was not different, but I was very lucky to have the help of a company like Lukkap and Idoia, my tutor and great ally.

It is true that there is a lot of confusion, but there is another great truth, over the years we are carrying the backpack of experiences and "tools" that make us forget every day. All this potential that we treasure will help us to continue opening new paths and it is at this point where Ildoia and the whole Lukkap team helped me, to be aware of my strengths, to have confidence in a promising future and most importantly, the only one that can to make things happen is yourself.

Today I am starting a new project, in a large company, excited and committed.

Everything has been very fast, it is true and I only wish that those who are as I have been, get out of that situation as soon as possible and contribute everything they have inside wherever they go. I will always take Lukkap with me.

Daniel M.