Auxi N. - Lukkap: International Transformation Consultant

Auxi N.

I wanted to share with all of you that I have just started a new professional stage for which I am very excited and eager.
I have achieved this, in large part, thanks to the great Lukkap team. Thank you very much to all those who have crossed my path, but, above all, thank you very much to my consultant, Ana Taboada, for the patience she has had with me; She has taught me not to despair, to value what really matters, to remove the burden of emotional stress that in many cases prevented me from moving forward. She is one of the best professionals and best people I have ever met. Ana: thank you, thank you, thank you ...
And to those who follow the path of finding your place, do not despair, everything comes with effort, do not stop insisting and trust in the methodology of Lukkap, which really works.
A hug and encouragement to all

Auxi N.