Antonio R. - Lukkap: International Transformation Consultant

Antonio R.

I feel lucky for have lived this unique experience, possibly unrepeatable in my life and have learned so many things that I never thought to learn and so much wise and necessary advice in difficult times of change and uncertainty. Without a doubt, the Guidance, training, support and dedication of the entire Lukkap team has been decisive in this search for the best project and professional and vital fit.. Thanks therefore to all Lukkap professionals who have offered me their help, experience and esteem in the seminars throughout this time.

I encourage all of you who are still looking for that opportunity to come and tell you that, in my opinion, it is about adopting an appropriate dose of realism, adaptation, patience, perseverance, vigilance, order, networking and self-confidence.

"Enthusiasm is the sure engine of success" and "fortune always knocks on the door of the one who smiles ”.


Antonio R. posing with the lukkap team