Almudena M. - Lukkap: International Transformation Consultant

Almudena M-

A few months ago, one morning I went to work and, when I arrived, my boss called me to the office. It should not have been anything out of the ordinary, but the sound of his voice was so low and low that I knew I was going to be the next to leave the company. When his words confirmed my worst hunches, hold the guy until I reached my home, where I found myself falling off a cliff, wondering why me and what would become of me and my life from the next morning.

I remember those first days with pain, fear, uncertainty, anger (much anger), but also thanks to that company discovered the existence of Lukkap, which was like the small light that is seen at the end of a tunnel. That light was perceived very, very small the first time I contacted them, but over the weeks it was getting bigger, until today I left that tunnel behind.
Lukkap is a company where, from minute one, you feel valued again; In my case, Itziar Nieto listened to me with an attitude of real listening, letting out everything that had to come out and without judging. I was able to connect with myself and see beyond what my first impression offered. That is something for which I will be eternally grateful, for that and for making my life come Ildoia Gorroño, one of the best people with whom I have crossed in recent years. Ildoia has been my traveling companion, deeper tunnel to the exit. He has perfectly adapted to my times, needs, has known how to listen and guide me, giving me valuable advice and raising that self-esteem that came so low and chipped. Thanks Ildoia, I will never be able to show you how grateful I am. You have to be very proud of who you are, a good person and a better professional.

I do not forget my group colleagues either, thank you very much for listening to that personal message that each day was one, for correcting me, for giving me another vision of myself, for helping me to take out those achievements that I had achieved in my professional career, but that I did not understand them as such. Guys, in the end I had to internalize the message because now I am in a company where I felt very comfortable in the interview. I wish you the best of luck, some I know that you are already working, and those that do not, do not despair, that there is something there with your name, because you are worth a lot.

There are many unavoidable things in this life, and someone who does not have a fixed job in the public administration, will surely pass at some point in their working life for a dismissal. Thanks to the team of Lukkap that stage is much more bearable and also serves you for the rest of your life. They do not give you a job, they teach you how to get one.

Once again, thank you very much for being with me throughout the process.

Almudena M smiling towards camera