Case of Ikea - Lukkap: International Transformation Consultant

Ikea case


IKEA has been living a successful history for sixty years, mainly from a business model based on a process of collaboration with the client, in which the same client is willing to carry out part of the process to obtain a more competitive price.
Today, technology, the digital world and what that entails, make up a new type of customer with new demands, which also affects their relationship with the company. From this perspective, the customer experience was analyzed and it was concluded that the processes and times of purchase could become intense and complicated. The barriers in the processes, increased with the multichannel, forced to look for different solutions to the traditional ones.

Man with an Ikea bag picking up kitchen bowls

We did

A department was selected-specifically, kitchens, since the purchase process was a barrier for the client-to begin introducing the first changes.
A new sales model was developed, through the previous appointment, with which the client, through the web page, could request an appointment in the store that he preferred and was awarded the figure of a personalized advisor who was in charge of accompany you throughout the entire process and phases of the purchase. Thanks to the previous appointment, the client obtained 2h. of time of a specialized seller according to the availability of schedules of seller and buyer. Also, for a small added cost, the customer could request an appointment at home that included 3h. of advice.

Cover case Ikea, kitchen furnished


The average kitchen ticket increased substantially, thanks to a sales process that included more personal advice and guidance during the process.
It was achieved that the client will gain confidence by integrating better into the dynamics of IKEA with the support obtained, resulting in greater and better satisfaction in a historically complex area and with barriers, given the particularities and difficulties of the purchase process in kitchens.