Paradigm shift in the post COVID-19 sales network


From one day to the next, everything has changed for the most important and numerous position in a company: the commercial.

Confinement has not been easy for anyone. But even less for the most demanded profession: up to 40% of vacant positions were trading positions. The physical closeness facilitated the emotional and the emotional, the sale. As physical closeness disappears, it forces us to reinvent the way of selling and the concept we had of the sales network.

It is a path that many were walking but the time has come to speed it up. Not to lose hundreds of thousands of jobs, so that the positions on which the survival of a company depends the most are productive. And it's a road with no turning back, we all know that many of the habits acquired by the client they are here to stay.

What changes from the world before this one in the way of selling? Its 5 keys to business transformation in post-COVID-19 sales