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The past 20 of September, Lukkap celebrated the VIII Client Experience Forum in the How Space of Madrid. One more year, the initiative, with eight years of experience, brought together More than a hundred people in charge of Customer Experience of the largest companies in our country.

In this edition, the forum focused on the latest trends in Customer Experience and how to overcome four of the challenges those facing the Customer experience currently to offer the best consumer experience: the integration on / off, the overcoming of the NPS, the Experience Automation and the Customer Centric in central services.

In this sense, the act counted on the participation of Carlos Juste, Head of Retail Digital Transformation Projects in Telefónica Onthespot Services; Javier Pou, Customer Director at Sanitas; Gerardo Laino, Customer Experience Manager at Liberty Insurance y Carlos Mascías, Medical Director at HM HospitalsAs expert speakers in Customer Experience responsible for addressing the challenges of this eighth edition.

On the part of Lukkap, Alberto Córdoba, partner-director of the company; Mercedes Palacios y María Hernanz, Project Manager and Director of Xperience; Cristina Serrano, Responsible for the Digital CX business unit and Christian Pereira, Director of Xperience, accompanied the speakers in the four challenges for bring your vision and experience as a pioneer consultant with a long history in the field of Customer Experience.

The four challenges of the VIII Forum of Customer Experience in video:

1 CHALLENGE | Integration on & off - Alberto Córdoba (Lukkap)

2 CHALLENGE | Overcoming the NPS - Javier Pou (Sanitas) and Mercedes Palacios and María Hernanz (Lukkap)

3 CHALLENGE | Experience Automation - Gerardo Laino (Liberty Seguros) and Cristina Serrano (Lukkap)

4 CHALLENGE |Customer Centric in central services - Carlos Mascías (HM Hospitales) and Christian Pereira (Lukkap)

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