Published by: Lukkap

A professional that I appreciate and admire told me once, "Countries and companies say that you have to invest a% of their resources in Research and Development, I apply it in the first person, I invest between an 10% and an 15% of my annual time and my income in my own development".

What a simple and wonderful idea. What would happen if 45 millions of Spaniards did it year after year? We would be absolutely unstoppable.

Well, if to this first reflection we add the fact that Artificial Intelligence, robotics, the Internet of things, blockchain or 3D printing will achieve a level of automation and efficiency that will mean a revolution in the world of work , as we have never seen in history, what should we do from a directive position to take advantage of this wave and prevent us from passing over? The challenge is colossal and the solution is not simple.

Due to my professional experience, I have seen on many occasions that companies that, initially, had a worse quality product and service, have been able to beat a rival with a much better product and service over time. And they have achieved it by a very simple fact, the group of people that made up that project, besides having the Necessary capacities, behaved as a united, cohesive, motivated group that went to block.

Beyond the latter (which could be the subject of another article), if we focus on the idea "necessary capabilities", what are those capabilities at a time when in certain sectors they can see how the 60% of your work activity is susceptible to be automated?

R & D in first person

In fact, if we stop to think about the list of the first 50, interestingly, the vast majority are linked with areas related to technology(what a coincidence!). If that is the future, and it seems that this is going to be, What capacities do our people need to be in "that world" and not in another "old and outdated" that possibly has the days counted?

R & D in first person

If we do the exercise of putting all the above ideas together we can find some answers.

Any routine, mechanical or even analytical activity is susceptible to be automated. It is not empathy, intuition, initiative, courage, proactivity or learning agility - It is not knowing math, but learning how to learn math -.

The key (and possibly the only opportunity we have) is in the education, training, development, enhancing everything that makes us unique as human beings and that is not copyable or automatable and that, in addition, makes us capable of to mutate, to reinvent ourselves, to be avant-garde, to build the future, to discover or promote, to drag and not to be dragged.

Since I was a child I have heard that the best gift that anyone could give me was my own education. At first I did not understand it well, then I realized that the higher the capacity, the more simply one has more possibilities, the greater the capacity to choose, in short, the more libertad (something that, by the way, is priceless).

Well, if you are a father or mother, if you occupy a position of responsibility in a company or if you simply want to own your own future, I sincerely believe that it would be good to start applying to those around you (and to yourself) that which My dear and admired friend moved me: "Invest a% of your time and money in your own development and reinvention." To that reflection I would simply add: and do it thinking about those capabilities what will they be useful in an environment, in which the only certain thing is that it will never be stable, It will never be predictable, being your only possibility of differentiation leverage in that so Characteristic of the human being that no "non-human" can ever approach.

The solution lies in looking again at one's own essence of our condition of being human to bring out the best of what characterizes us, but we will have to address it giving it a sense of urgency, in an intensive and "massive" way, advancing at great strides and at full speed. The "tsunami" in which we find ourselves is such that, or we put focus and raise the level of self-demand for ourselves, or we can enter an unprecedented social and labor crisis - I do not think it's good to launch a simply humanistic message, I also think we should be aware of the risk and threat which we face and the responsibility and great opportunity that we have in our hands -.

Nice challenge and of maximum difficulty; and that is where, although we do not have it, the source of success of all those who occupy positions of responsibility, maximize the capabilities of our organizations (in what we are differentials and we contribute) for, if we are capable, get ahead and lead what is already here (and not be dragged by it).