Would you pay to work for Rafa Nadal? - Lukkap: International Transformation Consultant

Published by: Rafael Product

Rafa Nadal is a completely indispensable figure in the history of sports in our country. His person embodies a delicate -but extensive- range of values ​​originated by dedication, effort and passion. So much so that it is very difficult to find, either in the national or international scene, individuals who criticize their actions.

Habitual winner of surveys on "the ideal leader of the Spaniards", Rafa Nadal has been an icon in our country for years, even to work with him. In fact, not long ago the tennis player offered on Twitter a position to work with him and his team that was received by dizzying users, reaching an astronomical number of applications. The idea of ​​working with Nadal took over each of the candidates, allowing them to dream of working side by side with the 17 star Grand Slams.

Given this situation, the question that is on the table is the following:Would we be willing to pay to obtain this position? The first image that crosses our mind is somewhat confusing and illogical, as an affirmative answer would mean paying for work, but the second reflects the image of the tennis player focused and pragmatic before taking a service. An image that, in many cases, would tip the balance towards thinking that paying for it, would not be such a bad idea either.

That said, we realize that In a job there are many factors that make you value a group of elements and intangible benefits that are able to overcome and cancel the tangible. The perfect mix of these elements, ordered, structured and aligned with the company's strategy, is what we call Employee Experience; an experience that enhances the desired culture and generates a clear competitive advantage.

In no way do we want to recommend companies that invest in installing dining rooms, gymnasiums or foosball tables in their offices. The true notion of Employee Experience is that which brings together all the key facts, perceptions, sensations and emotions that arise between the company and the employee throughout its life. Employee Journey; the trip he makes from the time he is hired until he leaves the company. Thus, the Employee Experience is structured at key moments or "Moments of truth" that, well managed, make the employer's promise a reality and in turn correlate with the key KPIs of the business.

All this generates great benefits for both the employee and his company; well a well-cared for Employee Experience leads to a win / win situation in which the employee progresses quickly, both personally and professionally, providing new fruits -tangible and intangible- to the company, which feels on the surface as their vision materializes with passion and measurable results.

More and more prestigious consultancies and universities show us studies that point to understand the Employee Experience not as a fashion, but as a necessity. A trend that has come to stay, basically, for the benefits it will bring to people and companies.

Among the most remarkable benefits we can highlight:

  1. Increase the satisfaction of your employees. It is said that a company is sick when its employees are unmotivated; precisely because a demotivated employee does not generate added value, does not get involved and does not strive to perform his best role. When the company invests in improving the experience at each moment of the Employee Journey, the employee will increase the engagement
  2. Increase billing Exceptional work involves an exceptionally satisfied customer. Clients are more easily loyal to healthy and transparent companies and, without a doubt, customer service improves dramatically. A better employee experience, better customer experience and vice versa.
  3. Higher equipment performance. Motivation sticks. When employees see that their situation in the company improves, they do not hesitate to express externally their happiness, concentration and desire to do things well. That attitude can push an entire team or, what is better, stick to its members to finish doing an exceptional job.
  4. Increase recommendation to acquaintances. It is demonstrated that when you feel fulfilled and loved, you talk more, communicate better and feel the need to tell people who are close to you what you feel. Friends, family ... everyone will know the experience each company provokes in each one of us.
  5. Cost reduction. The productive time will increase. The employee experience makes the interests of the company and the people tie together, being more efficient. Not only will you optimize your own agenda, doing the same as always in less time, but you will offer to have more responsibilities. Therefore, internal processes will be more agile, and errors in operations will be considerably reduced.
  6. Multiplies the company's profitability. The five points above can only lead to a multiplication of the efficiency and profitability of the company that, through this investment, will offer a rewarding return based on the development of people.
  7. Competitive advantage against employers. The Employee Experience has not done anything else to start and is in full development. Companies will compete to offer the best of themselves, want to advertise their brand promise, attract the best talent for each project and make that during the time that there is a link between company and employee that experience is generated wow that will cross the borders of the company to penetrate society.