With a good offboarding process, the employee will continue to be a brand ambassador - Lukkap Outplacement

Published by: Lukkap

«A good offboarding process happens to demonstrate, in such a delicate moment, what kind of company we are«. And it is that when we talk about an offboarding process, we are not only talking about how it affects the disengaged person or the employees who stay in the company, but that outputs, depending on how they live, can affect the consistency of the company's brand image, the culture of the organization and the validity of its values.

Currently, most companies focus on carrying out, in the best possible way, the administrative and communication process to the person, but they forget some important aspects. How can we take care of those who leave in a difficult time such as a separation? And of those who stay? How to value the culture of the company and ensure a positive impact on the image of the brand?

Ana Taboada, director of Lukkap Outplacement, share some reflections on the importance of taking care of offboarding processes in companies in an interview for Teams & Talent.

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