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What is outplacement?

If we look for the definition of outplacement, in general, all of them are aimed at defining it as a relocation procedure that the company implements when an employee is terminated, or as a support service to that employee.

However, it is important to remember everything that is hidden behind the word "relocation" and everything that this process implies. Thus, the outplacement or career transition program goes far beyond finding a job. It is a crucial experience for people in one of the most difficult moments of their professional careers. For this reason, it is very important to put the person at the center when we start working together with them on their program.

Outplacement, a lifeline to professional transition

And it is that we cannot forget, that, after job separation, the employee faces a professional transition process in which fear, uncertainty, sadness or even anxiety can completely invade his life. Accompanying him in the management of that grief, in reflecting on which path he wants to take and preparing for the job search will be key to making a difference in the labor market.

Thus, when we get down to work and tackle the program, we must take into account some key steps to work to achieve the desired purpose.

Keys to follow for a successful outplacement program

The starting point, mainly, is to be based on a methodology that really works, that is proven, that is the support and, in turn, the instrument to achieve the objective: to achieve the project that the employee has defined as his next professional step. .

But let's get back to where we started. We mentioned before that, fundamentally, we are talking about a personal experience, and that implies, first of all, "personalize". Therefore, it is about getting to know the person well - their experience and their strengths - so that the professional accompaniment is adapted to their needs and that the experience that they live with the outplacement program is truly unique.

From there, we create a joint path in which our fundamental function is to accompany her step by step. What does this imply? Be close and aware of her, not only in the part of working tools to improve her employability, but also take care of her and support her from an emotional point of view, all along the way. In this way, the person you will go from living this period of your life as something "stressful" to something "expectant", full of new opportunities.

And where do we start?

  • For helping each person to create your own personal brand -unique and unrepeatable- and work in the search for that factor that allows you to differentiate yourself from others. That something that represents you and makes you happy because it defines the project you want to achieve. For this reason, it is very important to be clear about the goal, the objective and the market target we are targeting.
  • Our second big step will be for the person to make himself known in the market with that clear brand that he has previously defined. Here we will work with the most appropriate tools for each person and their project: prepare a CV with impact, improve the Linkedin profile or, of course, practice the networking. It is important to keep in mind that it is not about opening millions of communication channels without rhyme or reason, but about working those that fit the project of each person. And, above all, it is not about saying anything; We must be the best communicating, differentiating ourselves from others and getting our message across to as many people as possible. You have to know what I communicate, when I do it and how.
  • The third big step we must take comes when opportunities arise. A time when people who are in an outplacement program feel somewhat insecure because they have not practiced for a job interview for a long time. Well, that's just what to do: practice and practice. Of course, always with the right person who can give us that transparent feedback, designed to help us improve.

So, we are talking about mastering a successful methodology through a perfect combination between customization -Individualized work accompanied-, learn from others -team work-, support in specialists and use of technology.

What benefits does outplacement bring to the employee?

At this point, there is no doubt of the advantages for a person who is in a moment of professional transition having an outplacement program. These are some of them:

  • Improved employability
  • Less relocation time
  • Relief from the emotional impact of a separation
  • "Match" between professional projects and the purpose of each person
  • Accompaniment until relocation

And the company?

And it is that offering an outplacement program as an organization, not only favors the employee's professional career, but also has a positive impact on the company:

  • Increased pride of belonging
  • Improves the reputation and image of the brand
  • Improves the climate and productivity among employees who stay
  • Reduces occupational risks

Therefore, at such a crucial moment in the lives of our employees, it is key that companies show what they really are and make a difference. To ensure the employability of your terminated employees; turn potential detractors into promoters and offer support and guidance to help the employee achieve the best of results: achieve their new professional purpose.


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