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The better the relationship with the manager, the greater the number of promoters in the companies. This was one of the main conclusions drawn from the day "From onboarding to offbording: how to manage the key moments of the Employee Experience", organized by Lukkap, consultant of transformation of people and companies, this Thursday 4 of July in Barcelona.

And, as he pointed out José Luis Pascual, Director of Employee Experience and Development in Lukkap, that a manager guides, motivates, develops and is present in the day to day of his employees, has a direct impact on his experience and, consequently, in the loyalty with the company. However, as he stressed Paschal, according to the results of the last Lukkap Employee Experience Measurement Index, "Only 58% of employees in Spain consider that their manager spends quality time with them", a data that converts the relationship with the manager in one of the moments of greatest pain in your experience with the company.

Throughout this day, Paschal He also addressed the main questions about the design, management and implementation of the Employee Experience in companies, putting special focus on those "Moments of truth" -As they are the incorporation, the day to day, the management of the change or the dissociation- in which the organizations play the commitment, trust and bonding of your employees.

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