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The break that has accelerated life: reinvention of business models after COVID-19

Our coronavirus curve is within another exponential curve: that of digital transformation. And these days of confinement have accelerated a change in habits that will drive the reinvention of all business models.

The joke has already gone viral: Who has done more for the digital transformation in your company?

  1. The general director
  2. The Chief Information Officer
  3. The coronavirus

Of course, grace shows great truth. Our coronavirus curve is within another exponential curve: that of accelerating digital transformation. And in this we are going to advance two years in two months.

We have been in confinement for more than six weeks in which habits have changed forever. In the workers, in the providers and in the customers. A few weeks in which we are already beginning to see clues of everything to come in the form of execution, management and buying.

“Seeing how relationships are today, I would think about how to transform what I do. My work is going to change radically; yours, too "

The reality is that there are businesses that are never going to be the same. Not only because of the economic crisis, but, above all, by the change in relationships and by new consumer habits. Watching the success of home training videos these days, I would cringe for my job if I were a personal trainer. Seeing what relationships are like today, I would think about how to transform my work if I were a medical visitor. But I would also think so if I were an elderly caregiver, an operator of call center, a babysitter, a lawyer, a nutritionist, a notary or a teacher. I also think about what I am, consultant. My work is going to change radically; yours, too.

The thing is, we all knew it was coming. But we can say that life has accelerated. And that has reached us all. Behaviors that were still popular have been accelerated and democratized. early adopters and that have passed, from one day to the next, to the mature market phase.

And that is going to transform all business models. The increase in online consumption in Education it is going to generate hybrid programs in school, in university and in the company. The self-diagnosis and remote resolution of doubts that have drastically reduced visits to the emergency room is here to stay, to transform the health. Tracking clients that seemed heritage Amazon In its packages it has become essential for almost any activity, from the advancement of a chronic patient to the condition of the car in the workshop. The massive management of cancelation of trips or the postponement in light bills there are no longer waves of calls to a call center, are now communicated individually to millions of customers.

“The reinvention of business models is inevitable. Now it has been advanced by chance. Now is the time to accelerate it proactively "

Everything is going to accelerate thanks to these unexpected days. These are days of very bad news, but also of fulfilled dreams. The dream of every student was a general approval, these days in Italy it has occurred. The dream of every working mother was to spend time with her family, these days have served her to finish up the bun. That of every manager was to have time to think, these days he has plenty.

La reinvention of business models is inevitable. Now it has been advanced by chance. Now is the time to proactively accelerate it. To facilitate the transition from service to self-service. From the in-person relationship to the multi-channel personal relationship. From individual monitoring to massive monitoring of each person. From learning one by one to learning from each other. From segment management to real communities. From off or on to on + off. From having to go to the store to enjoy the experience as a group.

How should face-to-face business deal with the new normal?

Because face-to-face businesses must already prepare for their opening. Cast it will not be opening the doors, it will be changing the value they offer. To make it really worth going to the bar instead of chatting on Skype. That going to the store, the dealer, the repair service, the cinema or the clinic bring me something unique. So that they generate a physical experience or a collective enjoyment that cannot be achieved at home. So that they continue the relationship for the rest of their life.

The next leap will only be possible by making the real use of data possible, integrating the internet of things in our business, creating better products and services that improve people's lives.

It is a precious challenge that they give us these days. It is a golden opportunity to integrate technology into our daily lives and work better. To relate more than ever, to learn from each other, to solve more people's problems, to evolve as a society.

For, when everything seems to be going to get worse, create a better world.


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