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Published by: Itziar Nieto

Candidate experience

En la digital and knowledge economy, talent has become el main competitiveness factor of organizations. Ethis makes the companies be every time more aware of the importance having carer the candidate experience, that of your employees and its reputation in the market to attract and retain this talent.

So what was once the corporate brand -something static and periodically updated- has now become something alive and subject to constant change. Clients, employees or even the candidates of the selection processes can influence, in real time, the reputation of the brand, based on their experience in each interaction or moment of relationship with the organization.

Why is it important to take care of the Candidate Experience?

One of these key and determining moments in the organization's ability to attract talent is the selection process. ¿But swe cutol is the experience of our candidates en that selection processes? Do we take care of that time from beginning to end?

Throughout my professional experience in aarea HR I have had occasion de live many selection processes from different perspectives: cas an interviewerAs interviewed and, in recent years, working from the outplacement. And it's in that area where I have the opportunity to prepare hundreds of selection interviews with our candidates who are in a moment of professional transition y know your experiences in these processes.

So, we see how lI plong and slightly transparent selection strokes, that nonexistent or inefficient job portals, the poorly prepared selection interviews and the lack of information on the state of your candidatea make that we lose the possibility of incorporating new talent to our companies. Do we know in whatit is measure these experiences affect the reputation of the company y to your income statement? ¿CHow can we minimize these effects?

Uncertainty is worse than bad news

One One of the main factors that affect that candidate's experience is communication. Ugood communication is the basis of any relationship. By ello, communicate in a way fluidconstant and consistent should be the essence of any selection and hiring process.

Most candidates do not receive information about Of how advancezan selection processes. SHowever, The truth is that many of them would prefer sbut that have been discarded, before not receive any information about the process. From own experience sit is that it is not easy to pick up the phone to tell a candidate that you are out, but also sit is that they will to thank enormouslymind. Si we can give them feedback conditioned and constructive that help them in the following processes, we will be stepping forward to really help them. Además, We will mitigate the feeling of abandonment or lack of interest what can they feel The candidates by our company.

Keys to communicate in a selection process

  • We must get ahead as far as possible. Instead of ewait for candidates to contact the company, be us who We inform you the progress of the selection process as soon the news is happening. Inform them promptly about us deadlines, state of processand has been paralyzed, cutondo will resume again o, even, informing the candidate that we have no news is one way to show that we are there.

  • Personalize the messages it is key in this communication process. Let's take advantage of the recruitment tools that can facilitate this process and dedicate time apcustomize these messages for make you feel unique. Ponernos en the candidate's place will help us treat it with honesty and respect. Let's think about cHow would we like to be treated?, even, chow we try to our clients; yes un satisfied customer repeats and recommends, a satisfied candidate alson will.

  • Let each candidate feel that is important to us. We are aware that ,Most of the time, we cannot contact every candidate who signs up for an offer. There are companies that aware of this fact and, therefore, they make it known to the candidate. On the other hand, lcalling to communicate the decision to the chosen candidate is very satisfactory, but we should not forget to write or, as far as possible, call also to candidates that they have dedicated their time to you and finally have not been hired.

  • Watch the messages. It is important prepare the messages well to move and that, as far as possible, be simple clear, concrete, empathic and coherent.

  • Communication with candidates must be a priority. To get better communication with candidates does not have to be time consuming. If we establish a good process, we can plan when and how to communicate we even automate messages and to achieve that, something that requires very little time, have a much greater impact and help us make a difference.

So, si we get take care of your experience as a candidate before, during and after receiving your application and throughout the selection process, we will not only be haciendo I correctedo -and what we would like you to dosen with us in the same situation- but talso we will be creating brand ambassadors qWhat are we?willna attract more talent and ultimately improve the reputation of the organization.

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