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La pay equity It is one of the main topics of current and great debate in organizations. And, as a result of Royal Decree Law-6 / 2019, of 1 of March, of Urgent Measures for the Guarantee of Equality of Treatment and of Opportunities between Men and Women in Employment and Occupation, companies face the obligation to facilitate the detection of possible wage inequality, through a registry with the average values ​​of salaries, salary supplements and extra-salary perceptions of its staff, in addition to being able to access - through its legal representation - the salary record of your company.

But is this measure enough to end the pay inequality? What does the law really mean? What will be the true impact on the improvement of conditions?

"Unfortunately the retributive culture of a sector of a country or a company does not change with the rules, it does change with the perseverance, the final purpose of the organizations and common sense."

Rafael ProductCEO Lukkap Iberia & Latam, reflect on what is the way to achieve pay equity in a report to  The reason.

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Equality of remuneration, a legal imposition to correct the labor market