Remote leadership, keys to manage and motivate our team

Published by: carolina.carrera

remote leadership

El remote leadership It is one of the most talked about situations regarding current job development due to the Coronavirus crisis. To the managers are concerned with communicating with their teams and how the employee feels after a continuous teleworking job situation.

  • What are the main challenges facing today's leaders?
  • How to ensure good leadership remotely?
  • How do we maintain the motivation of the teams in this context?

If some of these questions are around your head and you are looking for their answer, we have an ideal content for you. In this video our colleague Carolina Carrera, a consultant in the Human Resources area, gives us the keys to manage and motivate our teams from a distance.

At Lukkap we believe that working remotely in leadership is fundamental, therefore we offer a assessment and remote training program, 100% online, which allows us to train managers to be able to lead their teams from a distance.

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