The prediction of behavior, solution for the future of companies

Published by: Rafael Product

The prediction of behavior, solution for the future of companies

Predicting the behavior of customers and employees will allow us to anticipate events

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Again? Yes. Because, although we have listened to the fullness of its importance, it seems that the concept does not end.

Why are we afraid of the concept of Artificial Intelligence? Why don't we dare to launch ourselves with a project of Machine Learning? Are we concerned about the profitability of capturing data in an organization? Do we believe in predicting behavior? Today, thousands of doubts still arise that motivate many companies to continue with certain reluctance towards the progress that technology makes available to us.

Studies say that, by 2020, 64% of companies will use Machine Learning and that, for 2025, lto business investment in Artificial Intelligence will exceed 20 billion dollars. This will lead to a paradigm shift in business models; it will change the form and content of what we sell; it will change the way we buy; and, how can it be otherwise, this will have a major impact on the labor market.

Undoubtedly, those companies that start building models based on Machine Learning they will get an additional competitive advantage, since they will begin to refine the decision-making models regarding the products and services they offer - based on the prediction of behavior - and, consequently, to define a sales strategy and customer experience make a difference with your competitors.

So, if the data shows that the tendency to measure, analyze the data and go towards AI is unstoppable, why don't some companies start now? The reasons are so basic that they scare:

Fear of the concept

The human being tends to be afraid of the unknown, and even more so if he invades his physical and intellectual security. That a machine (and a company behind the machine) knows and knows what I am going to do is something that, first, it does not please. It generates fear. But, What if they can save our lives, make our children's lives easier or educate them better? Then fear will disappear ... those who believe in it will be early adopters and, with them, the rest of society.

Ignorance of the potential

Projects Machine Learning They allow profitable data collection (either from consumers or from employees). Many times we collect data and data, but we don't know what real impact this will have. Hiring a behavioral prediction analysis service is very profitable, but it is unknown. Those who have more initiative will get the first predictive models and, therefore, they will exponentially multiply the return on investment involved in data collection.

Initial failures

In some cases, the pilot tests have not worked. When you collect data without a proven methodology it is difficult to obtain quality data. That is why it is recommended ensure that the measurement methodology is proven and the data collection tools are reliable. Today, facial recognition or neuromarketing tools are limited, but there are other tools (analytics, panels, questionnaires ...) that allow predictive measurement of the customer or employee experience.

Lack of guidelines

Not knowing how or with whom to make a project with these characteristics means that organizations do not know where to start. Who will lead the project? Should we measure first? Are the data we have valid? What will we do next with what we get? Having a methodology and clear steps to follow will help us to Predict with meaning and success.

If we are already able to predict voltage spikes in electrical systems, the impact of the increase in the price of raw materials in the economy, why someone will buy from IKEA or who will leave the company in the coming months, Why don't we go one step further? Measure and predict. If we predict what our client and / or employee will do, we can anticipate, plan and make life easier for others.