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Onboarding: how to integrate new employees in the middle of a pandemic?

In these moments in which the doors of most companies are closed and many work from home, onboarding or the incorporation of new colleagues are also undergoing an accelerated adaptation. Thus, companies are trying to alleviate everything that should be transmitted and made live by people who join our company, but understanding the physical limitations in which we live.

In this situation, we have to understand that, as demonstrated by the latest Employee Experience Measurement Index, the moment of onboarding or incorporation is key in the Employee Experience. And it is that, after a period of hope, but also of doubts, »the person who chooses to face a new challenge in our company arrives loaded with expectations and, depending on how well or how poorly we welcome them onboarding, the gap between what he hopes to live and what he actually lives will be greater or less ».

For this reason, it is key be near of all those who join to live the culture, meet their peers and are supported by their boss. And is that the uncertainty of the newly recruited can be multiplied if we add the uncertainty that we are already experiencing during this confinement.

However How to make our employees feel that we were waiting for them? How to transmit trust, support and all the information through digital channels? How to make them live and feel the company culture from a distance?

José Luis Pascual, managing partner of Employee Experience at Lukkap, share some key thoughts for ensure a good virtual onboarding in a new report for The reason.

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