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Lukkap Data & Analytics, the new project developed by the transformation consultancy, which unifies all the services related to measurement and analytical experiences of the international firm, has been selected to participate in the prestigious business acceleration program MassChallenge Boston 2019. A) Yes, Lukkap Data & Analytics has been selected -by a jury of more than 200 experts-, as part of the 9% of the best candidates from around the world, in which more than 60 countries have participated; specific, Among the selected 100 companies, Lukkap Data & Analytics is part of the 6 non-US companies chosen to participate.

Through a global network of zero capital accelerators, MassChallenge identifies the companies with the greatest impact and the greatest potential in the world and helps them accelerate their growth. Also, in addition to participating in the intensive program that will take place in Boston, Lukkap Data & Analytics -pioneer in measuring, through its x-pocket software, the customer experience and employee experience in real time and to guide users on what to do to improve business results - will participate in the 2019 MassChallenge Boston Awards, which will be held next October's 24.

To María Hernanz, Director of Lukkap Data & Analytics, be part of MassChallenge "It is a great opportunity to promote the internationalization of the company, learn and connect with leading companies in the sector and squeeze to the maximum an experience that, without a doubt, will be unique and enriching, and that will help us to continue working on our firm objective of transform companies and people ".

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