Remote leadership: Confinement has sharpened and updated managerial skills

Published by: Lukkap

Leading from a distance: Confinement has sharpened and updated managerial skills

Teleworking, video call meetings, more flexible hours, new technological tools ... There are many changes that the coronavirus has brought about in the workplace. And is that confinement it has not only affected us in our day to day as employeesIt has also had a direct impact on managers and leaders of organizations, forcing them to adapt to a new way of managing and motivating your teams. Of course, we are talking about remote leadership.

Therefore, if something is clear it is that, after the arrival of COVID-19, a new way of leading has come to stay and, without a doubt, organizations will have to adapt to it to respond to the new needs, habits and priorities which presents us with the "new normal".

Thus, this new paradigm pushes us to focus on key aspects such as emotional intelligence, in leadership capacity or in manage uncertainty from the distance.

But how to lead through a screen or a phone call? How to be a reference from home? How to ensure good leadership remotely that benefits both people and business results?

Now is not the time to "command," but rather to "lead." We have to support our people, try to understand them, give them answers, motivate them, be transparent. In a word, we have to become their "referents".

José Luis Pascual, partner-director of Employee Experience and Development in Lukkap, analyze and propose some key guidelines for new remote leadership in an article for The Economist.

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