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Does the Patient Experience have an impact on the perception of improvement in health?

Manuel Vilches, general director of IDIS; Rafael Vara, CEO of Lukkap Customer Experience; Adolfo Fernández-Valmayor, general secretary of IDIS, and Elena Garrido, manager of Lukkap Custome Service | Medical Journal

Knowing the patient's experience in the different phases of the care process is the best way to measure the quality of health systems and to recognize the patient as the protagonist of all healthcare activities. But also, working in this area so that the patient has a better experience in their contact with the system makes their perception of their state of health and wellbeing also improve.

This has been shown during the presentation of the «Measurement study of the patient experience in private healthcare 2019. Evolution, processes and roles ", promoted by the Institute for the Development and Integration of Health (Fundación IDIS), with the help of Lukkap Customer Experience, which includes a detailed view of the patients' experiences and the monitoring of their illness in highly prevalent pathologies such as diabetes or in areas of enormous impact and relevance such as cancer, respiratory diseases, trauma processes or, in special situations physiological, such as pregnancy and childbirth. For this, 2.006 surveys have been carried out to patients who have had or have some of the processes listed and to women who have recently had a pregnancy or are pregnant at the time of the survey.

"In the previous report we were able to appreciate the sensations that the patient manifested in the different moments that transitabay talked about what to do to improve the experience. In this new edition we value how to improve the perception of health through experience, which represents a very important qualitative leap in the degree of demand of what we have measured, since we have passed the stages of "relationship with the system" to have the full view of the patient in his process within the pathologies analyzed and the special physiological situation of pregnancy and childbirth. Likewise, we have considered it opportune to analyze what treatments should be offered based on what the patient expects or see the roles assumed by each health professional to know the impact it has on their evolution ". So the insured Adolfo Fernández-Valmayor, Secretary General of the IDIS Foundation, during the "Day Experience of patient in private health 2019. Evolution, processes and roles ", which took place yesterday in Madrid.

For its part, Rafael Vara, CEO of Lukkap Iberia & Latamand Elena Garrido, Manager at Lukkap, explained how the study has been carried out and, what is more important, the great challenges facing the private health sector.

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