Impact of COVID-19 on Employee Experience: challenges and opportunities - Lukkap

Published by: Lukkap

The arrival of COVID-19 has broken a paradigm. And it is that it has not only affected our personal lives, but also has directly impacted our day to day as employees. Teleworking, virtual meetings, family reconciliation, uncertainty or constant change have become part of a new reality to which employees and companies have had to adapt overnight.

This new situation has inevitably left a footprint in Employee Experience. So we see it reflected in the resultados of the study 'Impact of COVID-19 on the Employee Experience by sector'. Results that make clear that the response of companies to this situation of uncertainty has had a direct impact on what their employees have lived and felt.

Therefore, organizations must be forced to reinvent themselves to respond to the new needs and priorities of their employees. So, we see how a good communication, capacitate to leaders or stay motivated of employees are just some of the keys that can ensure good management of the Employee Experience during this crisis.

But how can we really be prepared for the return to the new reality? How to work the Employee Experience in the future post COVID-19? Where should organizations go?

«From now on we must work from an emotional point of view. To return to the human, to the values, to the purpose of the company to manage relationships and experiences. That's where our opportunity is.

José Luis Pascual, partner-director of Employee Experience in Lukkap, reflect on the challenges and opportunities of the present and future of companies in a new interview for Telefónica Large Companies.

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