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What does a CEO expect from the HR director?

The transformation of HR is one of the main trending topics within organizations. In recent years, the HR area has had to undergo several individual restructurings or dismissals. COVID-19 or changes in business strategy have undoubtedly been some of the most obvious causes that have led companies to restructure their human resources area.

However, if we consult a CEO, the general direction points to a third cause: HR cannot be left behind in the reinvention of companies. Therefore, if something is clear, it is that the management of people has to take a turn. Thus, the transformation of HR involves joining the global reinvention of organizations and becoming its locomotive.

But how can HR departments jump on the transformation train when companies are already a few miles ahead of them? How can they ensure their future and positioning in organizations?

7 keys to the transformation of HR

Promote organizational culture, drive change thinking outside the box, work employee experience, take advantage of the best of machine learning or knowing your talent well are just some of the keys that can help make the real change in human resources take place.

“The turnaround in HR management is evident; we cannot continue doing what we used to do in the face of the challenges that the future holds for us. If robotization, digitization or the new generations are going to condition each business model and senior management has to be ultra-transformative, what is HR waiting to change? "

Rafael Product, CEO of Lukkap and member of the AEDRH, proposes the 7 keys to transforming HR into a platform for Innovators by Indux de The reason.

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What does a CEO expect from the HR director?





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