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Prepare for the worst: how to face the most difficult moment of RRLL from communication

In the world of team leadership or HR, many times when we talk about "the conversation", we talk about having to communicate a job separation to an employee. "Of that conversation that neither party would like to have, but that we will have to face. We are talking about having to tell a person who has been on a team for ten years that, for different reasons, we have to do without their contribution to the company. ”

There are conversations that mark us for life, and this is undoubtedly one of those that are not forgotten. Therefore, it is key that organizations are prepared to face these difficult situations for the benefit of their employees, but also for the company itself. And is that, cAs we have been talking for a long time, the offboarding process where organizations demonstrate what they are like; their values ​​and their commitment to their employees.

For this reason, in such difficult times in which we are living, we must be aware that the crisis we are facing can lead many companies to have to report the removal of certain people from a team. Be able to manage it from communication and have a "Guide" that allows us to minimize grief will be key. So if we make a good message, We previously worked on possible answers to the employee's questions and we analyze the personal situation of each affectedIt will help us to be more empathetic and respectful of the person.

Ana Taboada, director of Outplacement y Career Development in Lukkap, it gives us the keys to face that conversation that we would not wish to have, but we must face in a tribune to Teams & Talent.

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