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How does the Data Analytics area work? Method, objectives and benefits for the company

How many times have you read the word Data Analytics? But do you know what it is exactly? What is the goal of a data analytics unit?   

More and more companies see data as key to acting in the present and being able to anticipate the future. Thus, the concept Data Analytics is gaining more and more prominence among us. But let's get to the point. PTo understand well what it is about, we can start with a definition of blog T de Telefónica Large Companies that already gives us something clear: 

"Data Analytics could be considered something like a reduced version of Data Science. Something similar to a specific application, focused on a defined objective that we know previously, or about which we hardly know anything, but we know that it is there "   

Thus, con the data in hand, from Data Analytics KPIs can be explained and predicted of business, aending the different data to get two clear objectives: 

  1. Pprovide companies with future strategies that help them transform their employee and customer experience 
  2. Give certainty of action plans, based on numerical analysis, on relationships between different variables linked a the experiences 

From data to action: how help companies from the numbers

With a pioneering methodology

The times demand to give a back to the way of measuring and interpreting customer and employee satisfaction. Therefore,  It is key to take the leap and measure their experience, what they live and feel in each moment of relationship With the companies. In the same way, you have to go further and not just settle for measuring satisfaction, NPS or ENPS. We must measure to explain them, to know the reason for each of these KPIs.

What happens when you are a promoter? What experience does a client have to live for that to happen? What are the keys for an employee to be more linked and hooked? What experience must we provide to sell more?

This can only be explained measuring the journey, facts and perceptions that employees and clients experience in their moments of relationship. 

Collecting and mixing all kinds of data

Nothing better than betting on him mix and put all kinds of data and variables to be able to give that valuable information that, now more than ever, companies require to anticipate the future.

Therefore, we must unite: 

  • Internal data referring to KPIs sales: ticket average, conversion, sales volume ... 
  • Extra internal company information: customer data, whether or not they belong to the loyalty club, last interactions made ... 
  • Survey data by all channels 
  • Information obtained through mystery malls
  • Information on digital channels: from the RRSS to the data that your web browsing gives us 
Going further with analytics

Do not stay in a description of what what's going on. Therefore, we must diagnose what is happening to anticipate what is going to happen. Using statistical analyzes that help us explain the reasons for the indicators can help us so that, through the machine learningLet's analyze what happened to predict and, thus, anticipate what is most relevant. 

Let's see it with a clear example: en a project with a company retail we detected that we were playing it when it comes to telling the loyalty club or remembering the benefits. We came to obtain that, by doing this, we went from having a detractor or neutral to having a promoter. That allowed incorporate it and increase the NPS. 

In addition, for a better management of the experience, we must also quantify the archetypes, put numbers to the different groups of clients or employees, obtaining quantitatively how they are and what matters to them.

Jsmearing all of the above

And creating un customer voice system that allows you to really manage those experiences. A system that gives you levers of action to improve your CXy EX. That allows you to arrive with the right information, to the right area, so that you can anticipate and continue transforming.

How does the Data Analytics area work? Method, objectives and benefits for the company

Support of a digital tool

That allows the recipients of the information to have the measurement of their journey in real time. In this way, they can make decisions continuously and anticipate. A tool as well as in CX Pocket allow that the different users can enter and view your information journey, cross information to specify the action plans and, therefore, day by day manage the experience of your customers and / or employees. 

How does the Data Analytics area work? Method, objectives and benefits for the company

What benefits will you have by measuring your experiences? 

  1. Obtain business relevant information: mBeyond the main data, to be able to provide insights relevant that allow propose action plans. Give relevance to the data, making the management of experiences meaningless without it.
  2. Anticipate the next step: cwith predictive models you can work on getting the customer or employee to experience what will make them buy more, be more loyal or feel more connected. 

 In summary, the main purpose of Data Analytics is transform companies through numbers.

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