Good practices to accompany employees during COVID-19

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In a matter of days, companies have had to adapt to teleworking, new forms of leadership and team management from afar, but what key actions are being carried out to respond to the new needs of employees? Discover in this article some of the good practices that organizations are implementing to accompany their employees from a distance during and after COVID-19.

We are in a complex moment and without precedents dwhere, in a short period of time and with a lot of initial skepticism, la majority of the companies se have seen forced to send all their staff home. A situation that has desenchained multitude of questions as well as in "¿pfor how long?" "We have to continue working, but how?","¿QWhat do you need our team to work at home?", and that surely more than one our they look familiar. 

¿Responding to Employee Needs? 

Ante el new context, las companies they have tried to couple to this situation starting by giving coverage of the needs most related to material and digital resources that have allowed us to connect and communicate from each room and each improvised office de our homes. However, aalthoughall these measures have been necessary and we have been able to overcome the first two months successfully, the situation drags on and we don't know how long we will have to be working from home. Therefore, it is important rethinking new ways of relating to workers.

Thus, in order to respond to your new needs, what we have to do is very simple: Let's hear them! If it doesWe, the same employees bean who will give us la key to know where to invest resources, what are your needs andespecially, what changes are going to have the greatest impact on satisfaction and experience with the company. This is the Employee Experience.

Key actions to accompany our employees

With thes results in hand, it's time to start performingr actions of great impact both today and in the coming months. Therefore, to continuation we leave you some of the good practices that are being carried out by different Companies tocompanions your employees from a distance:

Constant communication and direct 

We have read it in all the articles these days, but it is that la communication is perfect vehicle that companies have towards the trust and safety of their employees; all the ENT fundamental aspects that reduce uncertaintyYes, communicate basing ourselves in objective data it will be fundamental to know what is the situation that the company is going through and, in this way, begin to “row” all in the same direction. Through what channels can we do it? 

  • videoconferencing or directly through a collaborative platform by the ddirection, providing support, understanding and motivation to employees.  
  • Daily communication bulletin en el that we can introduce different content: sCompany situation, new challenges, projects we are working on, employee reports, etc. 
  • Weekly meetings team with which to align management y the objectives, Plus prioritize activities and powerar team work. 
  • Employee mailbox where to dump doubts, needs or uncertainties that may be answered in the daily bulletin or other communication channel. 
  • Specific communication on the Covid-19 through the employee portal or website. Similarly, there are many companies that take advantage of this space to support their teams in chowl to questions about policies, care of voluntary toilets, surveys, tips and good hygiene practices, between many Another questions. 

Emotional Support 

The mental health of our team is one of the mayores concerns of many companies. And it understand and manage emotions it's key. Therefore,  Great initiatives such as: 

  • Support phones 24/7 where a psychologist or a coach emotional intelligence will give us the necessary support to cope with grief for a sick family member, isolation or uncertainty and fear by the future. 
  • Specific training in Emotional Intelligence aimed at both managersmanagers de knowing how to motivate and guide teams in a moment of stress, like the employeesWho deben Give the 100% to win over a new client, focus on intense activities or simply get your job done successfully.  
  • Collaboration spaces and support Among partners in which share experiences, sensations and emotions outside the workplace.

Conciliation of professional life y the personal

Telework and being in the care of children or adults is not easy. Thus, there different tools or practices that can make combining it more bearable:

  • Flexible workingAlthough we must all adjust to certain schedules, it is more than understandable that children do not attendana them. Make flexible and personalizing based on each situation will become the key to success.  
  • New agendaConcentrating is not easy right now, so it's important that we know organize our day, prioritize or pause when necessary, etc. 

Enjoy the moment 

Many organizations find themselves with a lower workload. Yes we are in this caselet's take advantage of it to boost the training in languages, en technological tools, specific programs or in skills needed to our developing. Promoting this practice as a company will increase the engagement of our employees. 

Parallel, motivate employees is essential right now. Therefore,  we propose to make straight en forma de cross-cutting projects and viable initiatives for the business. 

New life, new habits 

Hand in hand with movements like #BetweenAllIsEasier, #Stay at home or #This Virus We Stop It United various initiatives have emerged in companies against isolation and encourage fun. And we must take care of physical and psychological well-being of our teams: 

  • App and videos oriented to personal training 
  • Let's cook together¿pwe repair our favorite dish? 
  • Culture programs (cinema, theater, concerts, etc.) 
  • "Sit at the table and enjoy with your colleagues". One of the most relevant aspects the employees miss are the playful moments. For this reason, numerous companies have begun to carry out cafévirtual s or mythical canes after work through collaborative platforms. 

Ultimately, we must carry out psmall actions with a great impact on our equipmentsince they are born from your needsinterests and concerns. Some needs that, many of them, have come to stayLet's take advantage of this situation that COVID-19 leaves us to work such an important and critical moment in the experience of our employees that will mark not only the present, but the future of their relationship with our company. Therefore, cEvery action counts.


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