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Digital onboarding: how to welcome your employee remotely

Do you have a new employee and you don't know how to welcome them to the company online? How to carry out a digital onboarding that transmits closeness and trust, as well as personalization?

In this year of COVID-19 -with great changes and enormous uncertainty-, we have rushed towards digitization, teleworking and new relationship models between the employee and the company. This context has forced the Department of People or Human Resources to take action and rethink a redefinition of the different processes, especially those that are key in the employee journey.

In this way, to begin the journey of our employee, we will focus on the onboarding, a moment that companies traditionally take great care of with a clear objective in mind: to make the candidate fall in love at first sight, transmitting motivation, brand pride, growth and development.

Who doesn't want to work for a company that personalizes your candidate experience and makes you feel like they're waiting for you?

With this article We want to propose different tools and tips to manage a successful and efficient digital onboarding in which we can generate motivation in the employees, at the same time that we provide them with the methodology and specific knowledge of the company. And all this, of course, online.

But, prior to incorporating this menu of actions to your particular case, it is necessary that you reflect on the following questions:

  • What is the objective of your company regarding onboarding?
  • What do you want the employee to live?
  • How are you carrying out the welcome?
  • What are you doing well and is it working? What are you not doing so well and do you think you should modify?
  • What are the companies that you want to take as references to carry out your actions?

Once you have identified the starting point after making the diagnosis, it is important organize and structure this moment.

Digital onboarding: how to welcome your employee remotely

It is also key to identify who are responsible, interlocutors and specific actions that make up each of the stages within onboarding.

In the same way, you must also take into account the technological aspects, software, applications, etc., that you must incorporate to carry it out remotely and 100% digitally.

Although large companies have tools designed ad hoc, in the market we can find different providers of such comprehensive management tools, such as:

All this will serve to make a specific and personalized process to the specific situation of the company. However, there are some “basics” that all onboarding must consider, and that we detail below:

How to make an online and digital selection?

The selection processes include different milestones in which both the company and the candidates must seek adaptation. Thus, with the aim of falling in love and simultaneously transmitting agility and digitization from the first moment, we must incorporate different tools. How to carry it out?

  • Video - interviews that allow to identify the key aspects of both verbal and non-verbal communication. Likewise, it allows flexibility to the candidate and agility of evaluation to the interviewer. Some good tools would be: Easy recrue, Visiotalent y Filmijob. However, it is important that, when selecting the tool to use, we take into account how we can integrate it with other software, ERP or BBDD.
  • Gamification tests or hackathon with which to evaluate the level of competence and mastery of tools and technical aspects.
  • Online interviews through video call tools that allow to know the candidate in depth.
  • Automatic feedback after each test with the assessment and the next steps of the process, since keeping the candidate informed is key to attracting interest in the project.

How to schedule a first WOW day, even though this day is teleworking?

During the first day, employees are expectant, analyzing and evaluating everything that happens. Therefore, and in order to meet those expectations and generate a WOW in your employee, it is important that the first days are planned:

  • Onboarding kit: It includes the necessary material to be able to carry out your professional role (computer, telephone, passwords, etc.). This is a basic look, so if you don't receive it, it can generate a great Ouch. If we also want to give it a “touch” of proximity and brand pride, we could take advantage of the package to include merchandising or the company's product.
  • Provide all the information and documentation that is of interest to the new employee on the first daysuch as the organization chart, the emails of the people you will need to contact, etc.
  • chatbot and other channels Through which the employee can communicate with the organization and ask any doubts of an organizational and corporate nature that may arise.
  • Signing the contract that can be done through different digital tools, such as: Signaturit o Viafirma.
  • Meeting with the manager whose mission is to present the objectives of the team, the projects that are being carried out and specify what the role of the new member will be within them.
  • Team Meeting: Even though they may not be able to meet their colleagues and have coffee with them on the first day, it is relevant that the new employee perceives that they are part of a team. For this reason, the person in charge must present online to colleagues, and that they make an introduction of what are the tasks and projects that they are developing within the area.

Once the first day is over, how do you continue to develop a good digital onboarding experience?

During the first weeks it is important to make sure to fill the agenda of the new employees. What can help us to achieve it?

  1. Plan different talks, meetings and activities oriented to transmit the company, as well as the corporate culture, the methodology and the tools for its performance. To carry it out, we can use webinars or gamifications, among other tools.
  2. Summon the new employee to project meetings and gradually introduce it into routines, meetings, tasks, etc. This incorporation must be gradual, organized and controlled. We can help ourselves with team planning tools such as Trello o Asana.
  3. Conduct follow-up meetings, both on the part of the manager - in charge of providing the paths for development, growth and training - and on the part of Human Resources.

Now, since we are going to perform a remote onboarding, let's make it 100% digital. To do this, we must use software that allows us to manage a targeted and planned experience and, in turn, close and personalized. A clear example is the companies that already incorporate a specific campus for new members in which they can have at their disposal material of interest: video presentations of the management, an office guide and other materials that enhance the experience of the first moments relationship between the employee and the company.

In short, if something is clear, it is that we have had to face an accelerated digitization of all business areas. From the people department too. Let's help ourselves with the tools and software that the market provides us, without forgetting what our objective is and the purpose of such an important moment in the employee's journey.


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