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In a matter of two months, our lives changed completely. Suddenly, we were confined at home, trusting that every measure was too little to end the situation caused by the coronavirus. And at that moment when everything changed, when we were able to assimilate that if we did not unite it would be impossible to fight the virus, we start reacting.

We Spaniards got together to applaud our toilets - and all those who are also struggling to reverse this situation - and the brands went out of their way to help us cope with this scenario, in the best possible way.

How have the brands acted?

So from Lukkap, too we want to applaud the 30 best initiatives launched during the first 30 days of the state of alarm. Brands that have wanted to go from words to deeds. Companies that have wanted to contribute their grain of sand to help their customers, employees and society to come out much stronger and more united from it.

Examples of this are organizations like Movistar o Mayoral, who have offered a free trial to access their products during home confinement; Cabify, Room Mate o Auara, which, given the impossibility of offering the services to their clients, have offered them free to those who could take advantage of them; Seat, L'Oreal o camper that they have changed the destiny of their factories to manufacture health; Inditex, Ikea o Novartis who have taken advantage of their international capacity to go much further thanks to their health donations to fight against the coronavirus, or Bankinter, Endesa o The English Court who have understood and helped their clients and have put all the facilities to those who need it most.

Actions that demonstrate how companies have thought from the client to reach the whole society, stop thinking about your own situation, to think of a whole, so that we can go back to being the same as before, as soon as possible.

Download the 30 best practices published in the last number from the magazine of The Journey from DEC Association.

The 30 best initiatives of the brands against the coronavirus

The 30 best initiatives of the brands against the coronavirus