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How is the Patient Experience around CRP?

During this month of September we have not stopped seeing how the curve of infections by Coronavirus and the number of PCR tests that are carried out for the detection of COVID-19 multiply every day. But, just as we saw it with the COVID-19 patient experienceUnderstanding what is behind the numbers, charts and data is more important than ever. Therefore, knowing and understanding the experience that a patient goes through when he suspects about his possible contagion until he obtains the results of his PCR, will make us more aware and responsible for the challenge that, together, we are facing.

Throughout these days we are all facing different emotions - fear of contagion and being infected, concern about a new confinement ... -, which we try to cope with better or worse. But what happens when the news reaches a person that they have been in contact with a positive case for coronavirus? Have we wondered what the This patient's experience until you get your PCR test results?

And it is that the PCR test -of which so many images we have seen- does not only imply going through an uncomfortable medical test to detect the COVID-19. It goes much further. Through this patient journey, we can observe the different emotions and sensations that the patient experiences moment to moment. Starting with when you receive the news of your contact with a positive person for COVID-19: "I'm quite worried, I don't really know how to act ... Should I have been more cautious?"

Thus, understanding the circumstances and feelings of a possible Cornoavirus patient will allow us to accompany him - emotionally - in the best possible way and help him cope with the situation. Starting with the self-confinement he has to go through, the concern he feels at the slightest symptom "any discomfort I have alarms me" or even the enormous uncertainty while waiting for the results I'm restless and impatient. I hope to test negative, and if I test positive I will be asymptomatic ».

Without a doubt, overcoming the number of infections is the main challenge that lies ahead. But it is also important to mitigate the doubts and fears of the patient in the process of detecting COVID-19 from the first moment. Accompanying more and better those who live it. Giving peace of mind to yours. Bringing a little light amid so much uncertainty.

For them we wanted to facilitate this patient journey. To improve your life and that of your environment a little.

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