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Attention to dismissals: 6 key aspects to consider before undertaking dismissals

We are experiencing an unexpected and unusual crisis worldwide. At a relatively uneventful and peaceful moment in human history, we have encountered a surprise "war". The consequence? Months of confinement, hundreds of thousands of deaths and an economic reorganization worldwide.

Given this scenario, most Spanish companies will have to adjust their expenses to their potential income, taking into account in this equation the possible slowdown in the recovery - low levels of consumption, a drop in the tourism sector, an increase in public spending and the impact on balance of payments - in addition to the uncertainty of a risky tax reform.

Thus, there are many steering committees that the possibility of undertaking deep restructuring is being considered, beyond the transitory ERTES. Therefore, when analyzing this possible decision, we must take into account a series of consequences that Not only do they impact tangibly, but they also affect reputational level.

But what impact do layoffs have on the income statement? How does a restructuring affect the company? How should we deal with separations?

“In the event of making redundancies, we must tackle them thinking of people with the greatest professionalism, common sense and ethics possible. We must be aware that the decision on disengagement must be holistic, but also keep in mind that what will differentiate us, as leaders, is our humanity, our ethics and responsibility.

Rafael ProductCEO Lukkap, analyze and propose 6 key aspects to take into account when making layoffs in organizations in an opinion box for Teams and Talent.

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